i still refuse to take the black eyed peas seriously.

so the black eyed peas were on snl this past weekend, and they did 3 numbers instead of 2. it was like the cherry on top of a sundae, but a rotten sundae, because the episode was terrible!

if you know me, you know that i hate the black eyed peas more than i hate onions. also, my abhorrence for the bep’s is greater than my love for ice. isn’t it fun when i can use my finicky eating habits as metaphors for my musical taste? (pun intended!)

anyway, don’t worry, i am not going to post any videos of their performances. i will say, though, that the whole time they were on stage, i just kept saying “is this a joke?” over and over again. true story. ask my sister.

but theres no way i can say it better than this:

Besides, the Black Eyed Peas provided plenty of laffs. What is wrong with them? It is as if their eyes finally stopped working (after their ears gave out on them years ago), and now they just blindly dress in garbage from the Velcro Scraps Factory before getting up on stage and making terrible sounds come out of their silly bodies. “We’re gonna finally win this year’s Talent Show over at 1998’s Concept Of The Future High School For Troubled Adults, in space.” Sure you are.

(via videogum)


~ by CJL on November 16, 2009.

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