im now 1000% sure that the right person won american idol.

in case this is an actual thing that real adults like me still think about.

yes, american idol has been over for months, and by now, i have it made it perfectly clear to the world that i think kris allen is THEBOMBDOTCOM. like really, i have a crush on that guy like a silly schoolgirl, and i am not ashamed. i won’t even pretend to be unbiased here.

at the same time, though, ive never hated adam lambert. i actually think he is somewhat entertaining when he is not being scary. its just hilarious to me how the top 2 contestants from last season’s ai have taken such contrasting turns with their musical careers. youve probably seen this already because it’s been all over the news (literally, allll over msnbc yesterday. and believe me, i would know), but here is adam’s performance on the american music awards on sunday night.

yeeeeeeeeeeah. that really happened. trainwreck! ummm the part where he shoves the guy’s face into his crotch? PRICELESS! apparently, this caused a huge uproar and good morning america cancelled his appearance on their show because of all the backlash. yiiikes.

on the other hand, there’s kris allen, who graced ellen with his presence this morning.

obviously not the greatest song that was ever written, but still.

so funny that america’s choice came down to these 2. could they be any more different? hilaaaaaarious.


~ by CJL on November 24, 2009.

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