better late than never, i guess.

i’m about to reveal my 10 favorite albums of 2009. that is, if i ever get around to finish writing the post. and as you know, i am not very good at finishing things that i start on this blog. but if i learned anything from that movie julie & julia, which by the way i absolutely adored, it’s that you’ll never finish anything if you don’t set a deadline! (just kidding. i also learned that french people eat meat in gel form, which looks as revolting as it sounds, and that if you set out to cook 500+ recipes in a single, calendar year, your husband will probably leave you even though he thinks the food is delish! but don’t worry; he’ll come back!)

wow, what a tangent. i think the point of all that was to say that i will have my favorite albums of 2009 up for viewing before the first week of january is over. (anticlimactic, i know.)


before i roll out my top ten, i want to give some credit to a few albums that i listened to a whole, whole lot this year even though they came out in 2008. most of these would definitely have made it into this year’s list had they been released a little later, and certainly on last year’s list if i hadn’t been so behind the times. i strongly encourage you to take a listen to these because as the title of this post implies…it’s just never too late. especially for good music that’s worth your time.

ra ra riot- the rhumb line: august 19, 2008

i can’t really remember when i bought this cd. it might have actually been in 2008, but i definitely listened to it more this year than last. oddly, i do remember that the first time i heard ra ra riot was at like 3am on vh1’s nocturnal state. it was the “can you tell” video, and i bought the album immediately thereafter. this is your typical band, made up of both genders, some strings, percussion, clever lyrics. if it wasn’t for wes miles, i think ra ra riot would get lost in the sea of indie bands from the northeast looking for their big break. judging from discovery, wes’ side project with rostam from vampire weekend, it seems like he is a pretty talented individual who possesses that x factor that every good frontman has. i was fortunate enough to catch these guys live at lollapalooza this summer, and they sure do sound just as good in person as through my ipod headphones.

i recommend: oh, la, suspended in gaffa

three rounds and a sound- blind pilot: july 15, 2008

these guys sound just like you would expect a band that rode from gig to gig on bikes to sound like. this album is great, but i don’t know that i would listen to it from beginning to end in one setting. that might bet a little dull. not to say that the music isn’t interesting, but i did almost fall asleep standing up while watching them play. which is pretty rare for a band that i like enough to be able to sing along with every song. what can i say? i was tired, and it was hot outside. but put a few of these songs on a road trip mix, and you’re good to go. i really haven’t said that many good things about blind pilot, have i?

i recommend: go on, say it, the bitter end

in ghost colours- cut copy: march 22, 2008

this one makes me want to dance. that must mean it’s really good. they kind of remind me of the black kids but slightly less american and screamy and more 80’s daft punk-ish. they need to put their music in a phone commercial or something. also, i MUST see them live. and that is all i have to say about that.

i recommend: feel the love, hearts on fire

ode to sunshine- delta spirit: august 22, 2008

oh my gosh, i’ve put “people c’mon” on every mix cd i made in 2008. i can’t tell if it’s matt vasquez’s voice or the band’s actual sound that makes delta spirit so unique. it’s certainly very percussion-y. this album’s got a lot of….soul? i don’t know. the music is just very rich. a little grating on the ears at times, but i guess they just really like to go at it. there are bands out there right now like mute math that have this grunge-y piano driven sound, but delta spirit is just better. i’m sure there’s a reason, i just haven’t put my finger on it yet. also saw these guys at lolla, and they know how to work a crowd. my friend had never heard them before, and she was extremely engaged in their set.

i recommend: trashcan, people, turn around

a larum- johnny flynn: july 29, 2008

this one’s by far my favorite off of this list. with a voice like johnny’s, you don’t need any bells and whistles. it just is what it is. he doesn’t try to make up for the simplicity by going over the top with performance antics or instruments that don’t add any real value to his songs. his voice carries the music exactly where it needs to go. i find it ironic that his songs have this southern, folky, rustic vibe, yet it’s clear that this guy is from nowhere around here. it also baffles me that johnny flynn isn’t more well known. you’d think singer songwriters everywhere would be covering him left and right, so maybe it’s just a matter of time. plus, he is really attractive! but hey, if the world wants to wallow in its own ignorance, then fine.

i recommend: tickle me pink, shore to shore


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