24 hour verdict: contra- vampire weekend

so i decided to start a new feature today called “24 hour verdict.”

as the name implies, 24 hours (roughly) after i purchase a new album, i will give a verdict on what i think about it(see how that works?). but i’ll keep it short… what i’ll do is rank my songs from favorite to least favorite and basically just give an overall thumbs up or thumbs down.

by this point, i know alot of us are on the same page as far as music purchases go, so this will also be a place for you, the reader, to voice your opinion on the subject at hand. easy, right?? (it’s also fine if you want to comment about a single track and not the entire album.)

the guinea pig: vampire weekend’s contra, which was released yesterday, for those of you who have been living under a rock or have not been on the internet for the past 3-ish months. remember…ranked from best to worst.

  1. white sky
  2. california english (surprising, right?)
  3. run
  4. horchata
  5. diplomat’s son (needs more m.i.a.!!!)
  6. holiday
  7. cousins (i like this one, but i’m already getting tired of hearing it. a-punk alert.)
  8. giving up the gun (ummm discovery song?!? i think i’d rather hear wes miles sing this one…)
  9. i think ur a contra (much like “i stand corrected,” it’s clear that the ballad isn’t exactly vw’s forte)
  10. taxi cab

overall, i’m going to give this one a BUY, in true jim cramer form. not sure contra has as much potential for listening longevity (will i still be playing this consistently 6 months from now?) as vampire weekend did, but the general sound is definitely more complex, which, from an artistic standpoint, should be a good thing, but may be a turn off to their mainstream fan base.


~ by CJL on January 13, 2010.

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