a call to action.

when devastating tragedy strikes, we need to be reminded that there’s always something we can do to help. and i really do hope that all of us have done just that over the past few days.

as a business major who now works in politics, i’ve been trained to view everything as a process. most of the time, when something occurs, there’s a pre-determined plan of action or response. the most important tasks are completed first, and then you work your way down the list until everything’s covered. however, i can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what is going on in haiti right now. preparation? good management? doesn’t matter. it’s about surviving. i mean, i went on a katrina relief trip 3 years after the fact, and parts of new orleans still looked like the hurricane had hit just days before. can you imagine what that would be like in the poorest country in the western hemisphere? one plagued with political instability? absolutely mindblowing.

i’m really thankful for artists who aren’t afraid to incorporate the cold hard truth into their music, especially when those principles are unpleasant . sometimes, there’s just more clarity when a message is conveyed through less bourgeois rhetoric. oh, the irony.

i want to spotlight kevin devine’s “another bag of bones” video not only because it came out last week, but because i think it might be something we all need to hear. while i’ve made it clear from the very beginning of this love affair that kevin devine uses his music as an avenue for activism, (i believe i referred to this as “his passion for equality, justice, and truth“), this song is especially relevant today.

these lyrics have had a huge impact on me recently. the world really can turn completely inside out when we least expect it to. for awhile, i was under the impression that this song was somewhat sacrilegious, but i think what he’s trying to say is that there’s really no point in clinging to our so-called beliefs if we can’t even put them to action in the most basic ways. this goes beyond matters of faith. i’m talking about love. i’m talking about integrity. community. empathy. why do i need to see these images of utter despair, suffering, and disaster to be reminded of my elemental duties as a member of this human race?

i want to be an anomaly. i don’t want to be a paradox, though.


~ by CJL on January 16, 2010.

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