i always thought NOW cd’s were the worst until stereogum reminded me that kidzbop still exists…

this concept has always bewildered me.

how does a child’s voice singing a pop song make said pop song more kid friendly??

“i gotta feeling” is already a terrible, terrible song. but having a 10 year old boy do an autotuned voiceover with the original music playing in the background? TOO FAR, “MUSIC” INDUSTRY! TOOOOO FARRRRRRR

that being said, i was highly entertained by the preview snippets that are available for your listening pleasure. you know, so you can prepare yourself for kidzbop volume 17 (!!!)’s release on JANUARY 26, 2010 WOOOOO MIGHT NEED TO SET A REMINDER ON YOUR GROWN UP BLACKBERRY/IPHONE/PALM PRE/MICROSOFT OUTLOOK FOR THAT ONE!

side note: i hadn’t even heard of more than half of these songs. does that mean im no longer a kid(z)?!? because…phew!

(via stereogum)


~ by CJL on January 19, 2010.

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