“it’s like surfing on ecstasy!”

talking about mgmt’s new album, DUH.

the tracklisting for congratulations is out (or has been?), and here’s what the guys have to say about it:

“It’s definitely going to shock people,” Vanwyngarden told Spin of the new album’s sound. “We dropped any sort of irony that was on the first record, and Congratulations feels true to who we really are.”

He went on to note that the album’s nine tracks, which includes the incredibly titled track “Brian Eno”, are “sequenced to flow with sonic and thematic coherence.” Basically, we’ll be surfing, as that will be the “unifying influence” on the album, Vanwyngarden explains.

“There’s a surfing thread throughout the record,” he explained, citing specifically a song called “It’s Working.” “When you’re surfing, there’s a specific break you’re paddling to. And when the waves are really good you say, ‘It’s working.’ The song kind of has a surf-y vibe. It’s like surfing on ecstasy!”

Other tracks on the album include a 12-minute-long track titled “Siberian Breaks”, which features a theme about surfing in the Arctic Circle by Russia, and the “very nightmare-ish sounding”, Lady Gaga-inspired “Lady Dada’s Nightmare”. You really can’t make this stuff up.

still not sure if they are being serious or not. guess we’ll find out on april 13th.

(via consequence of sound)


~ by CJL on February 9, 2010.

One Response to ““it’s like surfing on ecstasy!””

  1. Yeah, I’m really excited for Congratulations. I hope they’re being serious, because this is exactly the ridiculous sort of thing I want from MGMT. Album art has been revealed too: http://theclockwisewitness.wordpress.com

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