so the schedule is out, and while it’s not all set in stone or even complete, i put together a list of bands that i will make my best efforts to see. and obv, so should you.

  1. JOHNNY FLYNN!!!!!!!!!!: probably the last artist in my all-time top 10 that i still haven’t gotten to see live. you better believe i will be at every set he plays during those 5 days.
  2. fanfarlo: seen em once, and i will try to see them as many times as possible until i die. hands down, one of the most talented acts i have ever seen; their show was practically a religious experience for me. my self-proclaimed band of 2009, and that hype will continue into 2010. (i’m stating the obvious here.)
  3. local natives: been waiting for gorilla manor since last november, and it’s finally in my possession today! i think this will be one of the most talked about bands in the upcoming year, so you should try to catch them while they’re here and still relatively unknown.
  4. the very best: ever since their collab with ezra koenig, i’ve fallen in love. rocking out to african jams in downtown austin would be TIIIIIIGHT.
  5. delta spirit: SO entertaining. would love to see them in a smaller venue because the masses at lollapalooza were slightly overwhelming and kiiind of a killjoy.
  6. french horn rebellion: gotta keep the sxsw tradish alive, ya know? hopefully i’ll have the guts to actually approach their merch table to buy a cd this year instead of cowering in fear in the corner of momo’s. yeah, probably not.
  7. freelance whales: i think i’ve gotten over the disappointment of their shaky performance in december. maybe getting signed and finishing a nationwide tour has helped them overcome their nerves so they can show people just how amazing their music is.
  8. athlete: just because it takes me back to my first year of college. no idea what these guys are up to these days but it could be fun?!
  9. ezra furman and the harpoons: i think i have an unhealthy attraction to people named ezra? “take off your sunglasses” was one of my favorite songs of ’09, and like delta spirit, i’d be interested to see how they do in this environment as opposed to a gigantic summerfest.
  10. the xx/the low anthem/princeton: i’ve bought their albums, and am still not completely sold, but that could change in the next month.

~ by CJL on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “MY SXSW 2010 BUCKET LIST”

  1. Missing GZA, Chamillionaire, Wale, and Paul Wall.

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