the strangest headline you’ll ever read.

“vampire weekend cast jake gyllenhaal, joe jonas, rza, and lil jon in next video.”

the “giving up the gun” video, yall. (and why that song??)

should be a HOOT.

Think Ghostface turned RZA on to Vampire Weekend? Probably. According to Anthem Magazine (via P4K), who talked to co-director Emmett Malloy (younger brother Brendan also directs), Ezra Koening came up with the “Giving Up The Gun” video’s tennis match concept on his own. RZA plays ref, Lil Jon is a tennis coach, and Gyllenhaal and Jonas are competitors. Malloy mentioned that band friend “Jenny,” who looks like the same Jenny from their “Oxford Comma” video, stars. The Malloys also have White Stripes and Oasis documentaries under their belts, as well as videos for the Jonas Brothers and Cold War Kids. Keep eyes peeled for this one tomorrow. Nice photo, dudes.

(via stereogum)


~ by CJL on February 18, 2010.

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