stuck in a rut.

im not in denial that i have strange habits and patterns when i listen to music. i like to listen to albums straight through, and i never used the shuffle feature on my ipod until very very recently. (yes, i went 5 years without ever shuffling the songs on my ipod/itunes. i like to know what’s coming next…so sue me.)

however, after much coercing from my best friend, i’ve started to embrace the idea of the shuffle. except i only shuffle within certain albums or artists and never within a playlist that has more than 20 songs. (baby steps.)

what i’ve been doing recently is updating a playlist called “current favs,” which contains about 15 songs that i’m obsessed with. and that is literally all i will listen to. at work, in the car, while working out. it’s slightly ridiculous. i’ve been listening to the same songs since right around new years day! and i’m not sick of the songs! what is wrong with me?!?

sometimes, they’re my favorite songs off of an album i bought recently, but most of the time, it’s just random songs i’ve owned forever that i just happened to be in the mood for. except the mood lasts months. does this happen to anyone else?

anyway, here’s my playlist. you probably recognize most of them because i’ve pretty much blogged about all of them as “song of the days” in the past few weeks. all of these songs have completely taken over my “top 25 most played” list on itunes…(click to listen)

  1. requiem- jump little children
  2. mexico-jump little children
  3. hold you down- jump little children
  4. rains in asia- jump little children
  5. lovers greed- jump little children (do you see a pattern here??)
  6. parachutes (funeral song)- mates of state
  7. blood bank- bon iver
  8. something pretty- patrick park
  9. ride til you die- austin basham
  10. sally- johnny flynn ( i ALWAYS listen to #’s 8-10 back to back to back.)
  11. evergreen- ryan adams
  12. simple x- andrew bird
  13. white sky- vampire weekend
  14. airplanes- local natives
  15. give a little love- rilo kiley

~ by CJL on February 22, 2010.

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