one sxsw show is more than enough for me.

sxsw is always such a torturous event for me. every year, i have to decide whether to watch every single second of the first & second rounds of the ncaa tournament (believe me, it’s necessary), or venture out to catch some shows. this year, i chose the former, but i did make time to see johnny flynn & the sussex wit. and with this event, i have now seen all of my top 15ish favorite bands live! (more on this later.)

coincidentally, the act that played before them, soko (i swear, this girl is literally insane), was backed by one of my finds from last year, his orchestra. small world. which means i caught a glimpse of our disney’s time travelling teen, ricky ullman. mmm mmm mmmmm.

anyway, jflynn was awesome…although i did miss that female vocal presence from a larum. (where are you lillie?!) johnny was lookin good as usual:

nice zoom action, right? keep in mind that this was taken after the initial freakout moment when he stood no less than 3 feet in front of me during soko’s set. i took a picture then too, but it’s too stalkerish to post.

no, that is not a noose hanging in the foreground.

oh and i took some video! on my blackberry! just kidding! i filmed the entire set on my phone! my battery was practically dead by the end! people were giving me weird looks the whole time! oh well, he’s the love of my life! no wait! he’s engaged! (but really, i think i creeped the bassist out.)

anyway, i can’t figure out how to upload video. baaaaaallin. (and only about half of the video is actually watchable because it took me awhile to realize that my finger was covering the mic on my phone. i suck at technology.)

but i will say, he played “the wrote & the writ” and “leftovers” and a few new songs that make me verrrry excited about the new album. sadly, no “sally.”

i may try to go see local natives tomorrow afternoon if i can pry myself away from the tv for a few hours. then again, i might be too busy watching my bracket self destruct…

yeah yeah, just let me live my life.


~ by CJL on March 19, 2010.

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