song of the day 3/24

im reminiscing about last summer when i watched that hbo show, summer heights high. (if you’ve never seen it, you HAVE to. asap. so hilarious.)

from wikipedia:

“On the show Summer Heights High, Mr G wrote a musical based on the death of a student, Annabelle Dickson, from a drug overdose. The musical was originally called Annabel Dickson: The Musical and portrayed Annabel as a promiscuous drug addict. However, it is established early on that Mr G had no direct dealings with Annabelle. Due to Annabelle’s parents being unhappy with the script, the focus of the musical changes from being about Annabelle to Mr G and how he deals with Annabelle’s demise. As the show progresses, the musical ultimately becomes the story of how Mr G tried to help Annabelle with her drug habit.”

this is “naughty girl,” a song from said musical. written by a TEACHER and performed by STUDENTS, but mostly the teacher.

and to give you a little more mr g context:


~ by CJL on March 24, 2010.

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