insanely terrible youtube video of the week 3/29

this one’s been circulating for awhile. ive been debating whether or not to post it because there’s a fine line between laughing WITH someone (because that’s exaaaactly what we do here) and completely exploiting them. however, if you’re going to upload a video of yourself to youtube, then i guess it’s fair game?

plus, i love this song. and yes, as usual, i am months behind the pop music scene, i am fully aware.

this girl has 6 fingers, by the way…which may be the least of her worries at this point. (but you know what im not concerned about? her surprisingly good editing skills. like the part where she slaps herself? that’s not the work of an amateur!)


~ by CJL on March 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “insanely terrible youtube video of the week 3/29”

  1. hahahaha, I actually saw this back when I had nothing to do at the office but look for crap on the internet to make me laugh. This didn’t really do that. I just got sad and turned it off after about a minute. Never noticed the 6 fingers though. That is extra sad.

  2. There’s no possible way a 7 year old could have edited a music video, right? I mean, that’s just ludacris.

    And likewise, I couldn’t watch after like 1 minute in.

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