freelance whales at sxsw/I TOLD YOU SO

(photo via kexp)

wow, they are EVERYWHERE now. screw everyone that didnt listen or care when i pushed them so hard back in october. (PROOF. aaand more proof.)

i am so proud to have been able to see them on their first ever tour (opening for fanfarlo) back in december right after frenchkiss signed them. i don’t think i’d ever seen a more nervous band (and frontman) in my life, but in a way, it was definitely endearing.

obviously, i’m happy for them hitting it big and all, but it just irks me when people try to pass things off as some new, revolutionary discovery, when, in reality….no. i suppose this is just the circle of life since i read about them on another blog, but whatever, clearly i am possessive.

ANYWAY, this is relevant because the band has been guest blogging on spinner’s “road report,” and the sxsw entry was posted today. an interesting look at just how hectic things get for a bands that have to perform like 4 times a day during all the madness.

here’s a vid of them performing “generator ^first floor.” it’s still my favorite song, even though “broken horse” is coming in at a close second these days. (here‘s a cool remix of it if you’re interested.)


~ by CJL on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “freelance whales at sxsw/I TOLD YOU SO”

  1. Nice Call.

  2. Also, nice new format.

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