an exposition of the term “weird” as it relates to current musical acts

“none of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is.”

really?! because i think her music is VERY WEIRD.

obviously, i see maya’s point here. i think in art, there are different categories of “weird,” and gaga certainly falls into one of those. you see, there is something very commercial about lady gaga’s oddities. i’m not saying she’s a completely levelheaded, normal human being, but to me it seems like she is outrageous because a.) she wants the attention and b.) she knows that america subconsciously or consciously wants what she’s putting out there. basically, in today’s culture, her weirdness sells. we are entertained, entranced, and enthralled by everything she does. and that is why she does the things she does. in my opinion. (and yes, i do enjoy her music.)

on the other hand, you also have bands like mgmt or of montreal (there are better examples, im sure, but theyre just not coming to mind instantaneously) that are also really strange but not in the same way. i truly feel that there are musicians out there who simply do not care about the general public’s opinion. of course, there’s a fine line there because no one wants to be labeled as a failure or even worse, to waste their record label’s money. but every time i see/read an mgmt interview i am awestruck by how out of this world they really are. literally. i think they could be aliens. they (and others) have tapped into some amorphous, creative hub that can neither be explained nor understood. i mean, just take a look at the kinds of things kevin barnes wears on stage.

the point i’m trying to make here is that the difference between the two groups of artists i’ve just described is the depth behind the weirdness. are your actions/fashion choices/artistic expression merely a more complicated way of saying “hey! look at me!” or does it mean something more? bottom line, i think lady gaga chooses to be weird; others just can’t help it. (although i’m still undecided about which category bjork falls into.)

dang, this is the most editorial thing i’ve written in a long time…and its about lady gaga. GUHREAT.


~ by CJL on April 7, 2010.

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