band of the moment: avi buffalo

i had been waiting for the release of avi buffalo’s self-titled debut after a friend’s earnest recommendation (“they’re high school seniors!”). it finally came out this morning, and after only a few hours, i am giving it my stamp of approval.

fronted by avigdor zahner-isenberg, an 18 year old singer/songwriter/skateboarder from long beach, who’s joined by 3 other members all under the age of 21, this quartet (2 guys, 2 girls) has hit the road and traveled all over the world since being signed by subpop. (also, maybe their ages explain some of the nsfw track titles?)

it’s been awhile since i’ve heard anything recent that is quite so quintessential indie pop. that being said, i hear traces of all sorts of other bands in avi buffalo’s music. fans of arcade fire, band of horses, mate of state, wilco, camera obscura, eisley, the shins, and yes, even mgmt, will all find something to love on this album. david dye compared them to the beach boys, and i can definitely see the same coastal vibes there too. for sure, if the oc was still around (r.i.p.), avi buffalo would have made it onto one of the soundtracks.

but despite the comparisons, these young musicians have managed to create something very unique and catchy. this is the first single off avi buffalo, “what’s in it for?”

check out avi’s solo version. very different. and yes, that is is his real voice. i guess.

and my personal favorite, “remember last time.”


~ by CJL on April 27, 2010.

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