song of the day 4/29

i told yall about the mates covers album a few weeks back, but i’m feeling the need to reiterate because yesterday, i listened to this song about 50 times. probably. i am in love.

here’s the first track from crushes, “laura,” written by girls.

although it’s been heralded as one of 2009’s best, i’m not a fan of the girls album, (actually titled album, ha.) but that’s the beauty of a cover. well, as long as the song isn’t completely butchered.

in cases like this, i’m able to appreciate a beautifully written and heartfelt but simple piece of work that i wouldn’t have given a second thought to before. and especially with songs like this that are relatable to pretty much everyone out there, it’s important that it continues to reach fresh ears, even through different vehicles.

i really love this song.


~ by CJL on April 29, 2010.

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  1. […] first laura, and now this? they are blowing these covers outta the water!!!! (i want to be them = im biased, i […]

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