the world refuses to cut owl city any slack.

it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from adam young, better known as owl city. (should this become a regular thing now like “what’s up with topher grace?“) well i just read that he has announced a side project called sky sailing. there’s less synth involved, and a new album, an airplane carried me to bed, is coming out in july.

according to idolator,

“Two guitar-and-piano-laden demos—”Brielle” and “I Live Alone”—are also up on MySpace, and if anything, they reveal that Sky Sailing is basically Owl City Unplugged.”

vulture’s review is even funnier (article titled, “who is owl city’s adam young inspired by now?” snarky!):

“Well, remember the Garden State soundtrack and Iron and Wine’s plaintive acoustic cover of Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”? It kind of just sounds like faster, crappier versions of that, right? Compare and contrast below. Surely, Ben Gibbard continues to be honored.”

that last line cracks me up. actually, all of this cracks me up. i really don’t wish this guy any ill will, but it certainly is hilarious how certain media outlets can’t stand him. poor guy. (and has he really released 4 singles already? 4?!?)

if you’re curious/too afraid to admit that “fireflies” is still your guilty pleasure, listen for yourself at sky sailing’s myspace.


~ by CJL on May 6, 2010.

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