we’re 2 years old! (yesterday)

on may 8, 2008, life is a playlist was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (to us?)

(my 21st birthday cake looked veeeery similar to this.)

since then, i’ve written 441 posts, and this blog has gotten 8,180 views. compared to other websites, that probably doesn’t seem like much, but that number is, truly, higher than anything i could’ve ever imagined or wanted when i first started blogging 2 years ago.

in 2008, i was averaging 4 views a day, and now i’m up to 20. so, to whoever you are: thanks for putting up with my irrelevant ranting and my inability to finish most of my multi-post endeavors.

honestly, though, i hope you’ve been entertained, but more importantly that you’ve been able to take away something of substance from life is a playlist. if you’ve ever heard something on here that you liked enough to investigate further, or even purchase, i’m ecstatic to have been part of that process.

i love you all!!!


~ by CJL on May 9, 2010.

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