you asked for it: honeymoon mix, part II

just kidding. no one asked for it. :/

for new readers: about two years ago, i unveiled a playlist called “the honeymoon mix.”  since then, i’ve been collecting songs for a second edition, and it’s finally done! enjoy, and as always, suggestions are welcome.

i made a playlist on youtube so you can listen to all the songs without little to no effort…

  1. ain’t gonna lose you- brett dennen
  2. as much as i ever could- city and colour
  3. amie- damien rice
  4. the great estates- freelance whales
  5. a beautiful mess- jason mraz
  6. edge of desire- john mayer
  7. you’ve been loved- joseph arthur
  8. they bring me to you- joshua radin
  9. fever moon- kevin devine
  10. cold desert- kings of leon
  11. cards & quarters- local natives
  12. these arms- matt costa
  13. clean- pete yorn & scarlett johansson
  14. duet- rachael yamagata & ray lamontagne
  15. desire- ryan adams
  16. you really got a hold on me- she & him
  17. the big fight- stars
  18. seeing and believing- wild sweet orange

~ by CJL on May 10, 2010.

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