mgmt: liiiiiiive on lettermaaaaaaan!!

that sounded more oprah-ish than alan kalter, didn’t it? …oh well, i tried.

last tuesday, mgmt did a set on the late show with david letterman. it was actually an hour-long, live webcast, and i didn’t get around to watching it til tonight. sorrrrrry. here’s my recap, with lots of irrelevant commentary as usual.

i don’t know what to think. andrew got a haircut, and he’s not dressed like his usual self. i was wondering, “what’s going on?!?!” until they played “it’s working,” which he prefaced with “this next song is about doing drugs.” now THAT’S the mgmt we all know and love. oh, and before “congratulations,” he announced that it was a song by billy joel. baha.

the rest of the show was really great; they sound so much more polished than they did at acl back in 2008. (too bad the audience wasn’t feelin it til it was almost done.) “electric feel” was kind of so-so; odd, since i assume this is one of their most played tracks.

overall, ’twas a pretty diverse set. really glad to see they played a song from the time to pretend ep that most people might not have heard. hopefully, that inspired some people to go and buy it because i still think that’s their best piece of work.

you can watch it here. look for the lady with the crazy pink fro.

  1. flash delirium (starts at 1:49)
  2. destrokk (6:13…love love love love this song.)
  3. the youth (10:13)
  4. electric feel (14: 05)
  5. it’s working (19:30…in case you missed it, THIS IS SONG IS ABOUT DOING DRUGS, GUYS.)
  6. the handshake (24:14…lots of noise at the end of this one, yikes.)
  7. song for dan treacy (30:15)
  8. time to pretend (35:13)
  9. congratulations (40:14)
  10. encore: brian eno (46:52)

and…just so we never forget, let’s pay tribute to one of my favorite interviews of all time (yes, again. this never gets old to me.):

and while i still have your attention, this:


~ by CJL on May 16, 2010.

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