freepress summerfest preview: day one

wow, i am overwhelmed. there is alot to be absorbed in the next few weeks. here’s what i’m going to do: 1 post for day one, and 3 posts for day two. there are just that many more bands playing on sunday, so hopefully i’ll be able to unpack it all. pretty great for an event that’s only in its second year of existence.

disclaimer: i did not listen to any bands that described themselves as any type of “metal.” i saw a few “death metals,” and even one “german pop/death metal.” now, i realize that some bands self-classify as random genres because they think it’s funny, but hey musicians: don’t do that unless your music is really well-known! it turns people (me) off! however, one band did have their genre as “hooray bitch,” which i enjoyed. unfortunately, i did not enjoy their music.

also, there seems to be a pretty wide range of music going on at summerfest. like the aforementioned metal genre, there’s also some psychedelic/experimental/electronica, straight-up folk (think yonder mountain string band), hip-hop, latin…something for everyone, really. but if know me, you know what i like, so most of that won’t be covered here. i totally encourage you to check out the lineup for yourself and do some exploring!

lastly, there are ALOT of local houston bands. they say austin is the live music capital of the world, but it looks like houston has some incredible talent of its own.

and with that out of the way, HERE WE GO!!!!

1.  wild moccasins <main stage @2:35pm>

(via houston press)

  • interesting tidbits: from houston and played summerfest ’09; new album drops later this month
  • sounds like: old school rilo kiley, eisley (the girl’s voice especially), the magic numbers
  • listen to: “fruit tea.” also really love “skin collision past” on their myspace.

2. the eastern sea <dos equis stage @2:45pm>

(via austinist)

  • interesting tidbits: from austin, and also played summerfest last year; they know how to give a self-deprecating but funny interview.
  • sounds like: iron and wine or sufjan with a little more going on? kevin devine? i’m terrible at music recognition. but i don’t even care; i am in love.
  • listen to: the snow” and “the night.

3. sugar and gold <dos equis stage @ 4:35pm>

(via a.v. club)

  • interesting tidbits: from sanfran, will probably wear crazy costumes. have a song “work out”; appropriately titled considering their stuff is excellent work out music.
  • sounds like: cut copy, black kids, !!!, daft punk, anything dance-y electronica with an 80’s vibe.
  • listen to: stay soft,” “neighborhood” and “aya

4. ghost mountain <in the bowl stage @ 8pm…fancy pants access only, so i won’t be there.>

(via myspace)

  • interesting tidbits: texans, yo. and they’re pretty kooky! i’m pissed i have to miss this.
  • sounds like: i swear they are the mgmt of 2010. also, anco and m83. also, they rap. i would not normally like this kind of thing, but this is freaking awesome.
  • listen to: eye rings,” and check out “pondering time” and “backyard woods” on their myspace.

5. miniature tigers < stage @8pm>

(via 3am magazine)

  • interesting tidbits: playing at the same time as ra ra riot (naturally) and also making an appearance at lolla. new album comes out soon so hopefully acl too?!?
  • sounds like: coconut records/phantom planet, fun./the format (they’re from phoenix too!), a dialed-up version of margot & the nuclear so and so’s. i heard 3 songs on their myspace, and i promptly bought their last album, tell it to the volcano. highly recommend it.
  • listen to: cannibal queen,” “giraffe,” and “last night’s fake blood

…..i told you. there’s so much to take in. stay tuned for coverage of day 2.


~ by CJL on May 17, 2010.

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