song of the day 5/17

this week, i’m beginning my research for free press summerfest, to be held in houston during the first week of june.

believe it or not (although based on my past inability to deliver on promises made, you should probably should choose to “not believe”), i will be doing a 4-part preview of this festival, so get ready to hear about some great new bands veeeery soon!and who knows, maybe it’ll even convince you to go!

anyway, here’s a band i’ve heard alot about but never got around to listening to. until today. let’s just say, i should have bought into the hype months ago.

“neighborhood”- sugar and gold. i love this song. a true, feel good, summer jam that reminds me of black kids + cut copy + yeasayer’s “o.n.e.”


~ by CJL on May 17, 2010.

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