see the full lineup here. best year ever, for real.

lots of repeats from 2008. also tons of repeats from lolla 09. (like blind pilot? their album is two years old and they only just started recording their new album….weird. maybe it’s a contractual thing.)

and, now that i’ve had time to sleep on it, i’ll just highlight the bands i’m most looking forward to seeing, in order.

  1. THE STROKES. <friday> one of the last (if not the last remaining) bands i’ve ever wanted to see live before i die. if you were anywhere between the ages of 14 and 30 during the early 2000’s, there’s no way you’re not ecstatic about this, 4 year hiatus or not.
  2. phish. <friday> long story, but this one’s more about me being excited for the people i’ll be going with who have dreamed of seeing this band for many years. oh, and trey anastasio is a legend, come on.
  3. vampire weekend. <friday> one of the best and most fun live acts i’ve ever gotten to see. my undying love for ezra koenig puts them higher on the list than they probably should be, but who gives because i know they won’t disappoint. also interested in hearing some of the new songs live; maybe i’ll end up liking them more…
  4. broken bells. <friday> i’m loving this album more and more. out of that second tier of bands on the lineup, i think they will draw the biggest crowd.
  5. monsters of folk. <saturday> conor oberst. that is all.
  6. local natives. <saturday> seriously can’t believe how huge this band has gotten; talk about momentum. merely 6 months ago, i was lamenting that i’d have to pay $26 (in pounds) for their album on amazon because it was only available in the uk. talk about cray crayyyyy.
  7. matt and kim. <saturday> this will be insane. because they are insane.
  8. the xx. <saturday> so much hype; the type of music they play doesn’t suggest that they’ll be able to put on a captivating outdoor set with thousands watching. i hope they prove me wrong.
  9. band of horses. <sunday> missed them in 08. won’t be making that mistake again this year. hopefully they won’t be playing at the same time as the black keys again.
  10. mates of state/guster. <never> oh, if only…

so i guess this means friday > saturday > sunday? for me, anyway.


~ by CJL on May 18, 2010.


  1. totally the best lineup. but the strokes are overrated. too bad i live in TN now though

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