freepress summerfest preview: day two, part one

here’s the day one preview if you missed it.

1. listenlisten <ktru stage @ 11:40am>

(via myspace)

  • interesting tidbit: their debut album, hymns from rhodesia, is a collection of reinvented hymns and burial songs; described by rolling stone as “goth-folk.”
  • sounds like: sufjan, sam amidon. it’s that banjo, baby.
  • listen to: on the water” and “safe home in port

2. givers < stage @ 6:40pm>

(via paste)

  • interesting tidbit: described as dream/afro pop, but signed to a zydeco label; will also be at acl
  • sounds like: feel good indie pop with a southern twang (they’re from louisiana); paste compares them to dirty projectors, vampire weekend, and mates of state…gosh, im too predictable, aren’t i?
  • listen to: ceilings of plankton,” “up up up,” and “saw you first

3. elaine greer <ktru stage @ 12:50pm>

(via houston press)

  • interesting tidbit: after watching several videos of her, i’ve decided she must be a tiny little thing because her guitar absolutely dwarfs her. this is a compliment.
  • sounds like: JENNY. LEWIS.
  • listen to: under the radar” (ff to 5:45),  making plans

~ by CJL on May 19, 2010.

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