attention all aspiring runners!!

i suck at running. back in high school, i ran 7-8 miles a week. that might not sound like much, but for me, that’s alot. especially now, since i can’t even run one. pathetic, i know.

but a friend told me about this podcast called podrunner. i can’t say it’s a miracle worker because i’ve only been at it for 3 weeks, but i’m definitely seeing an improvement in my endurance. what is podrunner, you ask?

well. it’s a collection of mixes that you can download right onto your ipod. for free. each mix is a strategic playlist of songs that serve as an interval training regimen to build up your stamina. i don’t know how it’s all calculated, but you’re supposed to match your pace to the beat of each song.  (some formula using heart rate, i suppose.) so basically, each mix is a series of run/walk cycles that is used for a week (3 times per week). after a week, you move onto the next. there are three levels:

i know there’s really no substitute for running to your own music, but if you’re looking for a structured routine to jumpstart your running, this is the answer to your problems. for me, it’s much more purposeful than just saying i’m going to go on a 20 minutes run. the music can be a little annoying (sometimes i feel like i’m in a discoteca or a character in space jam), but because i’m unfamiliar with the songs, i don’t find myself counting down the minutes like i would with music that i know really well. the consistent tempo also helps me to focus on breathing and posture, which i’ve always found problematic in the past. and you only use the same mix for 3 days, so once you start getting tired of the same mix, you’ll be moving onto the next in no time!

take a look around the website; you can browse playlists, as well as the layout for each week of training.


~ by CJL on May 21, 2010.

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