“a pair of mirrors that are facing one another…”

i can never stop singing praise for vampire weekend. over and over, i’ve said that ezra koenig is our generation’s greatest lyricist; there’s such a unique mixture of intellect, clarity and emotion in their music.

most music is revered as art, but i think theirs can be taken to a whole other level. each song is almost like a piece of literature, full of heavily crafted metaphors, synecdoches, and allusions to history and social sciences. my gosh, i would pay good money to take some kind of english course on the dissection of vampire weekend lyrics.

anyway, back when contra first came out, they participated in barnes and noble’s “upstairs at the square” series, in which writers and musicians share the stage and their work. this episode is the only one i’ve seen, but it’s kind of mindblowing to hear these people talk about their similar experiences in the process of creating art. it was so intriguing to watch these 4 ivy league educated northeasterners talk with this middle-aged jamaican poet…it kind of makes me wonder what the world would be like if every human being on earth used their brain to the capacity that they do.

anyway, before i get too philosophical, you can watch the whole thing here. (it’s an hour long, but you won’t regret it. and yeah, i fast forwarded through most of the poetry readings. but i promise, the conversation parts are really really interesting!)

and if you’re not up for that, then here’s an acoustic version of “white sky” that vw played that day. what i wouldn’t do to hear them do an intimate, acoustic set like this…


~ by CJL on May 23, 2010.

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