levi’s launches ‘pioneer sessions’ with dirty projectors, passion pit, and more.

if you know me, you know that i am kind of obsessed with the way music (and musicians, moreso) is used to drive consumer culture in america. in fact, i did my “senior thesis” on recent, music-centric ad campaigns done by converse and banana republic. you can read some of that here. (this is a topic i could and definitely would discuss endlessly, if anyone is interested.)

today, i read an article on pitchfork about levi’s launching an interesting campaign called “the pioneer sessions.” from the official website:

“levi’s invited today’s pioneering artists from pop, rock, soul, and rap to re-craft the classic songs that inspired their sound. these are the 2010 revival recordings.”

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! i mean, it’s absolutely genius. while at first, it might not seem like this could translate into tangible profit, like increase in sales, what they’re doing here is solidifying this brand’s position in the market. just look at the words they’re using here…”pioneer,” “re-craft,” “classic,” and “revival.” can you think of another brand that exemplifies these descriptors better than levi’s?! a brand that is old yet new, classic yet revived….

there’s nothing hokey about this ad campaign. it doesn’t come off as trying too hard because historically, the connection between levi’s and music is so obvious. if i was still in college, you’d better believe i’d be writing a paper about this. ahh, i’m obsessed!!

anyway, there will be 2 new songs to download for free for the next 6 weeks. here’s the breakdown of those dozen:

  • “hey young world”- nas (slick rick) : AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD TODAY
  • “young hearts run free”- swell season (candi staton): AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD THURSDAY
  • “fools rush in”- she & him (rick nelson)
  • “i dreamed i saw st. augustine”- dirty projectors (bob dylan)
  • tba- colbie caillat
  • “goodbye girl”- the shins (squeeze)
  • tba- raphael saadiq
  • tba- bomba estereo
  • tba- jason mraz
  • “our generation”- john legend & the roots (ernie hines)
  • tba- passion pit
  • tba- the kills

i don’t know if i’d really consider some of these artists to be pioneers, per se, but whatever, we’ll go with it.

keep checking back to the pioneer sessions website each week to get your free download.

(via pitchfork)


~ by CJL on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “levi’s launches ‘pioneer sessions’ with dirty projectors, passion pit, and more.”

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  2. Thanks for posting this topic, i learn something from your blog. Keep posting ;)

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