freepress summerfest preview: day two, part two

catch up on day one and day two.

4. the western civilization <ktru stage @ 12:15pm>

(via myspace)

  • interesting tidbit: 2007’s letters of resignation was named one of houston’s best albums of the decade by
  • sounds like: it’s like if conor oberst had a co-ed band and everyone sounded just like him and played the kind of music he plays with mike mogis.
  • listen to: “bruise the paper,” “the things we can’t deny” on myspace

5. buxton <dos equis stage @ 12:15pm>

(via myspace)

  • interesting tidbit: i’m in love with this.
  • sounds like: a more upbeat, southern influenced blind pilot but less than okkervil river
  • listen to: feathers” and “flint

6. the sour notes < stage @ 6:05pm>

(via myspace)

  • interesting tidbit: have a song named after a character (leslie burke) from one of my favorite childhood novels, bridge to terabithia
  • sounds like: it’s hard to say; they have alot of music out there. some of it sounds like band of horses, and some of it is ra ra riot-y. some of it is way harder and more rocky.
  • listen to: “is it happening,” “psychological thriller,” “a cute little ruin.”  i also really like “the distant knell” on myspace.

~ by CJL on May 26, 2010.

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