former idol winners…together, they’re one?

alright, i’ll take it.

last night’s season finale was more of a goodbye tribute to simon cowell than an unveiling of the season 9 winner. (completely fine by me because this season has blown.)

i sooo wish i had liveblogged the show because so many ridiculous things happened. it would have been better than my grammys recap, yall. (favorite quote of the night from a friend that was tuning in for the first time all season: “sort of shocking that a homeless woman has made it this far.”)

but here was my favorite musical number of the night…”together, we are one” by kelly clarkson, ruben studdard, fantasia barrino, carrie underwood, jordin sparks, taylor hicks, and kris allen. (no david cook?) and yes. people actually cheered when taylor hicks came on stage. i guess they were trying to make him feel better about his life; who knows.

also, a bunch of notable idol alumni in the background…JUSTIN GUARINI!!!!


~ by CJL on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “former idol winners…together, they’re one?”

  1. Some notes:
    1) Kris Allen should not have stood next to Jordin Sparks”. Clearly different heights.
    2) Taylor Hicks got more applause than any of this season’s contestants all night. Deserved or not?
    3) Sooo glad some of the “All-Stars” weren’t mic’ed.

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