the epic war of words between lynn hirschberg and m.i.a.

UPDATE: hirschberg responds.

hirschberg wrote a maya arulpragasam profile for the new york times magazine earlier this week.

to say the very least, it was not the most flattering m.i.a. article ever published.

in fact, new york magazine‘s vulture blog did a post yesterday, dissecting “the ten harshest parts of lynn hirschberg’s m.i.a. profile“:

“Let us begin by saying we like M.I.A. and we’re very much looking forward to her new album, /\/\/\Y/\, out next month. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t find Lynn Hirschberg’s just-posted New York Times Magazine cover profile on M.I.A. — which is a fairly brutal takedown in which the singer comes off not unlike a whiny first-semester college kid — a pretty great read. In the piece, M.I.A. smack-talks Lady Gaga again, whom she’s called out before for being style over substance. But is superficially branding oneself as a political radical really any less silly than wearing a shoe for a hat? Lynn Hirschberg does not seem to think so!”

the list of 10 included the artist’s controversial political beliefs, her complicated relationship with diplo, and her seeming inability to practice what she preaches when it comes to equality and justice.

well, this happened today. yes, that’s hirschberg’s cell phone number. whoops!

(via vulture)


~ by CJL on May 27, 2010.

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