who won this breakup?

uhhh remember when alanis morissette and ryan reynolds dated for 5 years? and were engaged? did anyone else see that episode of mtv cribs that showed their very zen and meditative home and think “something is not right here?”

let’s delve into one of my favorite topics of conversation and analyze who won this breakup.

nme is reporting that last month, alanis married mario treadway, more famously known as (to whom, is what i’d like to know) souleye. a RAPPER.

and of course, last year, ryan married scarlett johansson.

sorry. not too many pictures of these two together on google images. i guess their personal life is private and not our business!!!

anyway, nothing against alanis. she was awesome in weeds and is apparently still culturally relevant since she was on the idol finale and sang a song about dave coulier, who is definitely no longer culturally relevant (she won that break up, at least!), and i’m sure souleye is a GREAT guy, but i think we all know who wins and loses in this scenario.

i guess the “whose marriage will last the longest” contest can officially begin! (which means the true winner here is the sad state of marriage in america.)


~ by CJL on June 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “who won this breakup?”

  1. I would say that Ryan Reynolds won the breakup because he ended up with Scarlett Johansson! That is the best possible upgrade. Can’t be topped.

    Alanis wins in life because she is fantastic on Weeds and I could care less about anything Ryan Reynolds will be in. Plus Jagged Little Pill > anything Ryan Reynolds will ever do artistically.

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