the wnba season is upon us…? apparently so.

no, really. it starts this weekend already started. (i consider myself to be a pretty big sports fan who watches lots of espn and listens to lots of espn radio, and i still had to look up when the wnba season takes place.)

i saw the following promo during last night’s “game” 6, encouraging viewers to “tune in.”

yes, that is miley cyrus’ newest, “can’t be tamed.” the music video for that song is an atrocity, and of course, so is the song. in fact, i HIGHLY dislike everything about miley cyrus. (except that she might be sending perez hilton to JAIL.)

but in what might come as a surprise to some, i also really dislike the wnba. as a woman, i know i should stand behind all social, political, cultural, whatever movements that strive to make men and women (womyn? that’s the cool thing to do these days right?) equal. i’m not saying women shouldn’t play basketball, and i’m not saying that if someone somewhere (who are you?) wants to pay them for doing it, then that’s fine too. i just do not find it to be entertaining, and i kind of think it’s a waste of money and sportscenter time.

it’s kind of funny how 2 of the things i despise most in this world have come together on their own. (i know miley cyrus is not a “thing,” but i didn’t know how to make that sentence work grammatically otherwise. we all know that she is a human being who has parents, as difficult as that may be to believe sometimes. no, all the time.)  it’s like the universe is affirming my refusal to ever qualify miley cyrus and the wnba as “legitimate.”

all is right in the world.


~ by CJL on June 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “the wnba season is upon us…? apparently so.”


    They are a month into the season already.

    My tweet from last night after the Miley/WNBA commercial came on: “Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed” is on a WNBA commercial. I honestly don’t know who that is more insulting to. #cantbetalent”

  2. Actually, no one asks you to like the WNBA. We honestly don’t miss you and your fellow “womyn.”

    Enjoy your disdain.

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