song of the day 6/22

friday night lights is my new favorite show. i got really, really hooked about a month ago…like, to the point where i was watching 10 episodes a day. i feel head over heels in love with qb1, matt saracen, and at the same time, developed an equally intense hatred for his girlfriend, julie taylor, the coach’s daughter.

last week, after 3 and a half seasons, matt (zach gilford) left his hometown of dillon, texas, for greener pastures. (even though we don’t know where he is quite yet. but he’s coming back for 4 episodes next season, thank goodness.)

i really didn’t think i would sympathtize AT ALL with julie, considering that i find her to be extremely annoying. (jealousy of a fictional character, obv. low point of my life!) but i really loved this scene from this past week’s episode, and the song that played in the background, “fire” by augustana.

thanks to fnl for reminding all of us that augustana is apparently still around and cranking out some decent tunes. also, i can’t mention fnl and not talk about how it is the most underappreciated show on tv.

first, the scene and then the full song:


~ by CJL on June 22, 2010.

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