song of the day 6/24

today is one of my favorite days of the year!

nba draft, no doy! (ummm has it really already been a whole year since the ricky rubio fiasco?!)

what i love most about the draft (besides the fact that we get to talk about college basketball again), is that it sets up for some interesting and albeit hilarious conversations in a year’s time. sometimes even less. i love love love talking about all of the heralded young guns that turn out to be huge flops. (makes me love those players who have had pretty great pro careers after staying in school all 4 years. kirk hinrich!)

call me evil for finding joy in others’ failures, but i find nothing funnier in sports than mentions of players like hasheem thabeet and michael olowokandi. well, at least his ex girlfriend was on vh1’s basketball wives. that means something, right? (nope.) and let’s not forget DARKOOOO!!

so here’s to tonight; may it be eventful (still holding out for the nets to trade that pick) and full of material for future bill simmons columns.

and to tide us all over until tonight, a song riddled with hoops references. and because nothing says summer like a little…


~ by CJL on June 24, 2010.

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