song of the day 7/4

i guess i should have picked an independence-related song? if you really want one, here you go.

several people in the past few weeks have commented on the lack of posts. sorry! usually, laziness would be the excuse, but the truth is, i just have not been listening to music.

my alarm is set to espn radio. i wake up to the voice of colin cowherd, who by the way, is like a chain smoking habit because i know he’s terrible, yet i can’t seem to tear myself away. whenever i get in the car, i listen to espn radio. i have actually started to time my errand running between the hours of noon and 3pm so i can catch scott van pelt. (i know! pathetic! this is really starting to take me back to summer 2003 when i would walk around with headphones all night, listening to am broadcasts of rangers games. dont judge.)

so all in all, i know that i’ve been slacking. but really, it’s not slacking because it’s not like i’m withholding information. i simply have nothing to share.

but in those rare moments when i’ve wanted to open up itunes recently, i’ve been listening to infinite arms. here’s my favorite, “older.”


~ by CJL on July 4, 2010.

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