converse just. keeps. on. winning!!!

they are just so right on the mark with their newest campaign, “three artists, one song.” enlisting the talents of kid cudi, bethany cosentino (best coast), and rostam batmanglij (vampire weekend) to create a song together, converse has put together another solid effort to market their brand without throwing shoes in your face.

this song is better than “my drive thru,” although it’s interesting how they picked a similar lineup of musicians as they did 2 years ago…(notice they’ve also kept the paper doll cutout graphic intact)

kid cudi and pharrell (circa 2008) are up-and-coming hip hop artists that aren’t as appreciated by mainstream listeners (for their musical abilities, at least), but have certainly been touted by the media (especially underground-ish blogs) as something to behold.

bethany and santi white are both strong and empowering females of the music world, whose stage names amusingly resemble their actual names. (this one was a stretch, my bad.)

rostam, like julian casablancas, is a member of an explosively popular foursome that is breaking all sorts of existing barriers in recent pop music. they are the members who have also shown the most promise of a solo career, and quite honestly, their bands’ success without them is questionable. i can’t imagine what the strokes would be without the julian’s trademark vocals, and the same goes for the producing abilities of rostam.

anyway, the song is great, and as always, you can download it for free on the  converse website. they have also posted videos that are like a “behind the scenes” featurette for each artist.


~ by CJL on July 8, 2010.

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