an athlete-musician? count me in as obsessed.

yes, i know. it’s been a long, long time. i have a real job now with real responsibilities; therefore, i am way out of touch with everything in the music world. i mean, here are the last 5 cds i’ve purchased. i’m kinda everywhere these days.

  • union– the boxer rebellion
  • greatest hits– the cure
  • the orchard– ra ra riot
  • graceland– paul simon
  • devil’s made a new friend– jarrod gorbel (lead singer of the honorary title)

soooo yeah.

anyway, today i was on page 2, scoping out some fantasy advice (by the way, percy harvin, you are worthless, and dont even blame it on the migraines), and i came across this article about jesse woods, a 4 year receiver at a&m (a place that is obviously near and dear to my heart…and by that, i mean college station. not a&m. obviously).

turns out jesse may not have had a flourishing career as a football player (5 surgeries in 4 years = not worth it), but he has started making his way into the music world. and he is actually really good! i am probably in love with him. i mean…i already bought his cd on amazon.

yeah. not too hard on the eyes. duh, yall know me.

he says he has a “dream-folk sound, a mix between a harmonious folk song and country music.” that’s pretty accurate, i’d say. oh, and this quote killed me. (and for the record, i have been deprived of music-related content on espn since paul shirley self-destructed.)

“I don’t know how College Station as a whole would take in the music. Hopefully this fall we’ll figure it out.”

HAHA. at least he’s aware.

and for all the skeptics out there, he played acl in ’09 and sxsw ’10. JUST SAYING. here, join me in marvelling.

and some neon indian “mind, drip” coverage (uhh, can you think of anything more oxymoronic than an a&m football player who listens to neon indian?):

i highly suggest you head on over to his myspace and listen to “ugly dress.”


~ by CJL on September 10, 2010.

One Response to “an athlete-musician? count me in as obsessed.”

  1. […] profiled jesse a few months ago, mentioning that he used to play receiver at a&m. i also recently raved […]

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