in lieu of an acl recap post….

acl was awesome. the weather was fantastic, for the most part. too bad they are moving it a monthish earlier next year to september 16-18 which means it will be deathly hot once again. perrrrrrrrrrfect.

contrary to popular belief, i am not lazy enough to completely deprive you of this weekend’s events. high points included: vampire weekend (because OF COURSE), ezra’s appearance during miike snow’s “the kids don’t stand a chance” remix, broken bells, local natives, band of horses, and the strokes. all sets i knew i’d love, so no surprise there.

my discovery of the weekend was two door cinema club, who i had never heard of before, but i just happened to walk past the austin ventures stage during their set and stayed for the whole thing. more on them later, maybe.

also great was matt & kim. all day saturday, greenman was spotted everywhere, and i was so disappointed that no one wanted to break into an impromptu cover of dayman. BUT, matt & kim gave us the second best thing (i guess?) with biz markie’s “just a friend.” (see: dennis and dee go on welfare)

anyway, matt & kim have a new cd coming out on november 2nd. (if you know me, then you know i’m surprised that the world continues to function outside midterm elections on 11/2. who knew!?) the first single, “camera,” is nothing short of AMAZING. after seeing them live, i can safely say that they are probably insane, but this song is not that, so that’s good?

consequence of sound has it streaming.


~ by CJL on October 11, 2010.

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