johnny flynn’s “been listening”: finally available in the u.s. after almost 5 months

yep, another johnny post. (seeing him solo in 10 days! and by solo, i mean that i will be alone and so will he. heyoh!)

anyway, been listening will finally be out in the u.s. TOMORROW. (released in the u.k. on june 7. not okay.) obviously, i acquired this album through my own means awhile back, but this week, you can stream it for free on spinner!

and because i haven’t done this yet, i will rank the songs in the order that i feel you should listen to. in other words, my most to least favorite. (clearly, i am infatuated with this guy, so you are a horrible friend to watch me write all these posts about him and never bother to take a listen. rude.) and just to clarify, the top 3 are AMAZING, and the next 6 are pretty much equal to me in terms of excellence. (they are all excellent.) really, the last 2 songs are the only iffy ones for me, but still i wouldn’t say they are awful.

  1. barnacled warship
  2. lost and found
  3. the water
  4. sweet william pt. 2
  5. kentucky pill
  6. howl
  7. churlish may
  8. been listening
  9. the prizefighter & the heiress
  10. agnes
  11. amazon love

~ by CJL on October 25, 2010.

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