“kentucky pill” at the montana state fair

even though i miss celia and isabelle hodes like none other, i must admit that this season of weeds has been the best since the botwins left agrestic. (zack morris AND mr. holland…come on!!! also, how great is richard dreyfuss lately? anyone see red?)

a few months ago, i was watching episode 7 at the gym and literally SCREAMED when i heard my beloved johnny flynn’s “kentucky pill” being played during this scene when the botwins/newmans decide to have some fun at a small-town fair in montana. (this ep was particularly heartwarming because it also included a dmb reference earlier on.)

i apologize in advance for the vomit shots. for anyone who has never watched this show (you really should), a butter sculpture-eating contest to win an rv is really one of the less absurd/desperate things this family has done to survive (literally).

the song starts at 2:54.

i don’t know why, but the line “i liked you when you wore those other clothes” gets played in my head constantly.


~ by CJL on November 23, 2010.

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