“ke$ha’s ‘we r who we r’ video might be the worst ke$ha video yet, if it is even possible for something to be any worse than her previous videos”

i can always count on gabe delahaye to provide the most insightful commentary when it comes to music videos. from videogum:

Am I missing something? Is every single last jail cell in America full? Is that the problem? Because let me tell you something: WE CAN SOLVE THAT PROBLEM. The solution is called: put Ke$ha on a trash barge and send that trash barge out into the middle of the ocean. What is she wearing? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. “Well, it’s a combination of scrap metal and meat glue–” I said I don’t want to know. Cool tequila product placement, though. So awesome. F*ck yeah. Bottle of tequila! Sh*t yeah. So sick. Kill me. Dump my body anywhere.


~ by CJL on December 2, 2010.

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