2010: the playlist, part i

i suppose mid-december is an appropriate time to reveal my top 20 tracks of the past year (i’ll be doing 5 per day).

most of these should be pretty predictable; if you received a mix cd from me in 2010, some or all of these songs were probably on it.

i’ll also make my case for the song in a single sentence. (obv, my goal here is to turn you, the reader, onto all of these because they are the cream of the crop from a year FULL of worthy contenders.)

20. “i want to be well”- sufjan stevens

sufjan drops some autotune as well as the f bomb on this intriguing track, the meaning of which i have yet to fully comprehend.


19. “sparks fly”- taylor swift

america’s sweetheart reminds us that she can write songs that aren’t full of spite or overreaching allegory.

18. “battle of vitaly”- delta spirit

matt vasquez & co. recount the true story of a father who avenged his family’s death with this moving, 8 minute epic.


17. “brittany’s back”- the love language

a former out-of-control party boy rehashes his tumultuous early 20’s in a percussion-heavy way.


16. “little things”- nelo

i wouldn’t mind being the subject of this love song by this highly attraactive sextet, often heralded as a younger dmb from the south.


~ by CJL on December 13, 2010.

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