ezra koenig says vw’s 3rd album will be inspired by bride wars and the love guru.

pretty much, anyway.

In other Vampire Weekend news, the band recently told MTV (via Paste) that they’re in the early stages of making their third studio album. “In terms of working on it, have the four of us gotten into the studio and started laying down tracks for it? Not in any formal way, but in some way that’s not even the most important part of the process,” Koenig said. “So the ball’s already rolling. When and how we start working on it — we definitely need a break — but the talking about ideas, that’s already happened, and there’s definitely stuff floating around.”

Koenig went on to note that this particular effort will be at least somewhat inspired by big budget comedies. And unsuccessful ones at that. “The Love Guru, a notorious financial failure, The Rocker, [that] didn’t do too well at the box office, Bride Wars, that was the exception,” Koenig said. “Any time you interact with a piece of art — whether it’s something that goes on to be your favorite or something that maybe you find issue with — still, that’s going to help you think about the art you want to make.”

hahahaha. love that guy.

they also covered a cheryl cole song on bbc. (of course, we americans have no idea who that even is.)

(via consequence of sound)


~ by CJL on December 16, 2010.

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