song of the day 12/16

note: if you don’t know/care who bill simmons is, feel free to skip the next 5 paragraphs.

this week, i was BLESSED with the book of basketball, written by the legendary bill simmons. if you’re a fan of the sports guy, you know how often he references his past columns for the purpose of entertainment. one of my favorite examples of this is his prediction (made before the ’04 draft) that emeka okafor would be a better pro than dwight howard.

on a side note, this moment of nostalgia is referenced in a footnote in tbob that looks back on a column by chad ford from that same time period:

“actual chad quotes from that column: ‘darko is really one of a kind’; ‘what sets darko apart is his toughness in the post’; […] ‘[maciej lampe at number thirty is] the steal of the draft.'”

(i’m only a quarter of the way through this book, and it’s already changing my life. please read it.)

similarly, i decided to take a look at my favorite albums lists from ’08 and ’09 to relive the memories. thankfully, i have no huge regrets about my picks. in fact, i found myself thinking about fleet foxes’ self-titled debut. i think we forget how great it was sometimes. like, it was REALLY, REALLY good and still is.

for example, “your protector.” this song still has the power to blow me out of the water. FLEET FOXES: NEVER FORGET.


~ by CJL on December 16, 2010.

One Response to “song of the day 12/16”

  1. That performance looks like it was filmed on the set of “American Juniors”.

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