why you should be watching the singoff.

i am not really into that whole show choir thing. not my cup of tea.

but this show brings absurdity to a whole new level. it is just so great. i will admit that alot of these people possess a surprising amount of talent because i assume it is much harder to sing acapella than with an accompanying track. the downside: most everyone thinks they are the shiz, and i want to be like “come on people, check yourself, really.”

like other musical competitions, there’s an ESTEEMED panel of judges: ben folds (who is unintentionally hilarious with comments like “well, some things you just can’t unsee” after a renowned yale group did a scarring rendition of mika’s “grace kelly”), nicole scherzinger (who should just never open her mouth, but in fairness, she looks really pretty every week), and shawn stockman (who has to be identified as a member of boyz ii men at the beginning of every ep.) and of course, nick lachey hosts the show. nick lachey!!!! to their credit, though, they all seem to know what they’re talking about. lots of technical terms get used that i have never heard before in my life.

i am obsessed with this show. during the first few episodes, i would text my friend buddy with a play-by-play of each musical act. he stopped responding after awhile, and on monday night at 7pm i simply texted “the singofffffffffff,” to which i did not receive a reply. apparently my devotion to this show has alienated me from society.

my 2 favorite parts of the singoff are the inevitable puns (“hold that note” punchline before cutting to commercials, the “swan song” performed by eliminated groups, and acts with names like “pitchslapped.”) and the color-coordinating outfits that each group wears when they perform. really, charming charlie should somehow get in as a corporate sponsor.

last night’s episode was not terrible. i mean, the show could only get better after a high school group (every member comes from a different clique!) led by the reigning homecoming queen (of course) sang  jesse mccartney’s “leavin,” with the lyrics tweaked because the lead singer was female. my favorite quote of the night: “first, they’ll sing super star medleys from iconic artists like the beatles, elton john, and lady gaga.” sounds about right.

here’s an example of what makes me laugh about this show. (can anyone tell me what’s happening at 0:40?)

an example of what makes this show AWESOME. (i have made it PRETTY CLEAR how i feel about this first song.)

and this is what creeps me out about this show:

also, i  really like the lead singer of streetcorner symphony, but why does he insist on wearing these yellow-tinted shades? he’s worn them at least twice now!

next week’s the finale! another great thing about this show: it’s only 4 weeks long!



~ by CJL on December 16, 2010.

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