my favorite albums of 2010: #10. odd blood- yeasayer

and thus begins my annual megapost, counting down my top 10 albums of the year. this year, i’m going to reveal one album at a time because, believe it or not, these take a bloody long time to write (i’m british now.), and if i try to do them all in one day, i’ll put it off til mid january, as we all learned last year.

to your dismay (i’m sure), i’m foregoing my usual witty banter summarizing the highlights of the music industry this past year. (however, i will say that in 2010, i was very thankful for ke$ha, justin bieber, and keenan cahill.)

and, like every other year, i will provide the following disclaimer: i do not claim that these are the best albums of the year. for me to make that statement would require that i listen to way more albums than i actually do. i don’t listen to things i don’t want to listen to becausei am picky and biased. these are just my favorites.

okay, let’s begin.

10. odd blood- yeasayer: february 9, 2010

i’ll start off by saying that only yeasayer would jumpstart an album with a track like “the children.” i suppose it’s part of their charm. i’ll also admit that, most of the time, i have NO idea what the actual lyrics are. (supposedly, it’s “stick up for yourself, son.” i still like my version, “stick up for your sad son.”) oh! and they are pretty freaking good live. aaand i like the way they dress.

when odd blood came out, i remember it was all everyone could talk about. and rightfully so! it’s great. people love “ambling alp,” especially those who have never heard of yeasayer before. i think i heard “madder red” on a tv show recently. (however, i don’t think we have to worry about them becoming too much of a household name because they are pretty weird. not to bring this up again, but have you heard “the children”? and i’m pretty sure that at acl, they had an overgrown human brain sitting on top of a speaker.)

each song sounds like something different, and i’m trying to think of how i might describe them to a yeasayer virgin. “an 80’s power ballad, but with a synth-y, electronic twist.” “a michael jackson byproduct, but with a synth-y electronic twist.” “a song that could’ve been in west side story, but with a synth-y electronic twist.” see a pattern here? (by the way, i was talking about “i remember,” “love me girl,” and “rome.” and yeah, i know i’m doing a horrible job right now. i’m rusty!!)

i also think this album cover is extremely representative of the music that lies beneath. my response to both: “wait…wuuuuuuuut??” i doubt odd blood will ever get old to me, as long as i don’t try to listen to it all the way through, over and over again, without any breaks. in fact, if i did that, i would probably lose my mind. it would force me to live my life at a speed that i do not prefer.

i recommend:


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