my favorite albums of 2010: #7. i speak because i can- laura marling

7. i speak because i can- laura marling: march 22, 2010

wintertime has made me appreciate this album on a whole new level; there’s a wooded trail by my house where i like to run, and i speak because i can sounds even better when you’re out in 50 degree weather, surrounded by trees.

laura marling is poetic beyond words and can make even the most desolate subject matter easy on the ears…she certainly has a knack for showcasing the different roles women play in life, whether it be neglected daughter or jaded lover. in fact, there is a kind of repression about her music that really takes me back to the scarlet letter or the salem witch trials, admittedly, two not-so-great times to be female. (“devil’s spoke” reminds me of jonathan edwards, for whatever reason.)

her songs are so feminine. what i mean by that is that when i listen to any of her songs, i imagine them being sung by women all throughout history– some kind of forlorn maiden during the renaissance, an unhappy, medieval housewife doing laundry in the river, estella in great expectations…okay, so none of these women are content.

honestly, i’m shocked that a solo female artist ranked so high on this list, but that just goes to show how fantastic this album is. during a time when music is becoming more and more overproduced, it’s nice to hear someone who expresses their artistry in a way that is simple and raw.

oh, and laura’s of the british folk persuasion…just realized i haven’t given any hint to what she actually sounds like.

i recommend:


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