my favorite albums of 2010: #8. i’m having fun now- jenny and johnny

8. i’m having fun now- jenny and johnny

this is the first non-rilo kiley project of jenny lewis that i’ve actually liked. i really think jenny is at her best when she has a stellar supporting cast around her. (charles barkley?) it seems she’s found a worthy partner who can bring out her absolute best. so many wonderful things about this album–the cute duets where one of them sings a line and the other sings an echo (even when it’s about murder!), references to america’s current economic crisis, some killer harmonies, and of course, some rilo kiley throwbacks. (“while men are dreaming” really reminded me of the end of “so long.”)

this album is very vintage. many of the songs are soulful like the sixties, others are playful ditties inspired by the fifties, and there’s some hippie seventies rock in there too. very typical jenny…i get the impression that girl wants to be anywhere but in the present. that’s what i love about her. (another thing i appreciate about her: she is really easy to understand. she’s definitely mastered the whole enunciating without sounding like a robot thing.)

this isn’t an album that you stew over; i’m having fun now is the perfect name for it. it’s carefree and fun, and i don’t think it was meant to be complex. i mean, it’s pretty much the two of them, their guitars, and a drummer. at just over 30 minutes, i listened to it all the way through and thought, “wait…it’s over?” i didn’t want it to be over. and also, “slavedriver” is really great. you should listen to it. (i can never plug this song enough.)

i recommend:


~ by CJL on December 18, 2010.

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