my favorite albums of 2010: #9. avi buffalo- avi buffalo

9. avi buffalo- avi buffalo: april 27, 2010

when i first wrote about this band back in april, i said that fans of the following bands would like this album: arcade fire, band of horses, mates of state, wilco, camera obscura, eisley, the shins, and mgmt. that’s quite the list. many of these groups are defined by a very high male voice; likewise, avigdor zahner-isenberg’s voice consistently sounds like it’s on the very last verge of cracking. also, i can’t help but compare avi buffalo to a more toned down version of the magic numbers.

what makes avi buffalo unique is their collective youth; all 4 members are under the legal drinking age. like many of their peers, they sing of ‘the frustration of young love in a manner that’s awkwardly intimate. (young people tend to be dramatic and overshare. we’ve all been there. and to be honest, many of their songs kind of ooze of sex, but it conveys a sentiment that’s more bitter than romantic.) however, the underlying messages aren’t as straightforward as “you stole my boyfriend” or “i thought you were the one.”

this album’s a collection of both poetry and prose. take a look at this bit from “one last”:

acquainted self with architects who laid down plans
to build a wall between us
have you seen us?
it ain’t pretty.

see what i mean?

i recommend:


~ by CJL on December 18, 2010.

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